Born in Fort Worth Texas, raised in the small town of Lillian, Texas. I’m a UTA graduate, former teacher and coach, small business owner, chef, renaissance man and singer songwriter. I started writing my own music and songs around 2007. I jumped into the local Texas country music scene as an independent artists around 2008, releasing my freshman album , “My Peace”  in 2010.  After playing 3 years full time, I reached a level of burnout, frustration and disappointment. Over the last 6 years I stopped gigging and only worked on writing songs, honing my guitar skills and finding my own unique voice and style. The result of that work is  my latest album, “Songwriter Volume I”.  Currently I’m playing live shows and writing music. My main influences are Todd Snider, Ben Harper, John Prine, Max Stallings,  Led Zeppelin and Robert E. Keen. 
My style is Americana, folk and Texas Country. 

My song’s are sincere eclectic expressions of pain, depression, frustration, anger, social injustice, spiritual highs and lows, fears and doubts, and sometimes are funny, sometimes inappropriate and sometimes happy but they are always real. 

I know my music comes from a real place, it’s my therapy, I hope it touches your soul.

-Dana Deatherage-